Welcome to my Kung Fu blog

20160217_Shem_Stoler_JA_116Hello and welcome to my Kung Fu blog,

My name is Shem Stoler  and I am a certified Kung Fu teacher (Sifu) and Personal Trainer from Tel Aviv. Currently I am living, training and teaching in Berlin, Germany.
My Kung Fu journey started at 2001 and the journey continues every day since!
After years of studying Kung Fu and training in Gyms and Calisthenics my Sifu decided that I should try and assist him in training some of his kids classes. Although I was already an advance student it was a very challenging thing for me but, I loved it!
In the university and in the institute for trainers I have learned a lot. Anatomy, Physiology, Nutrition, Psychology,  Training protocols and methods and more… But to actually work with people, individuals and groups with real life problems was a very different and challenging experience. In the beginning I believe that  I had learned more from them than they had learned from me.
In the first years of working as a trainer I have learned how much positive effect I can have on peo
ples lives. In the years working in different Gyms, Clubs, Community Centers and Privately as a Fitness Trainer and as a Kung Fu teacher I have encountered so many different people with so many different problems and goals.  As a trainer I have had the pleasure to work with different people and seeing them developing under my guidance through years of hard work.

Kung Fu for me is more than just a Martial Art it is a way of life. The Kung Fu affected everything in my life and have changed the way I perceive the world.
My Kung Fu Journey has been long and hard but it is a never ending one. In this blog I hope to share with you my thoughts and experiences in my world of Kung Fu and through it on everything else. And although I have accumulated many years of experiences in training  myself and others my journey is still very much on it’s way and I am welcoming you to join me in my journey and become part of it through sharing our experiences in this blog or doing training.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy sharing my journey with me!

Sifu Shem Stoler.
Dragon Heart Kung Fu.


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